With a focus on gut healthy, delicious food, High Mood Food describe themselves as a ‘pure food artisanal café with a veg-centric approach’. Serving dishes enriched with fermented foods designed to energise and help towards optimal digestion, High Mood Food is the new ‘go to’ spot for a super-nourishing bite to eat.

Step inside and the café feels light and airy, with beautiful greenery for an energising space – so it’s a great place to catch up on some work or enjoy lunch with friends.

What we did…

Smiths Retail Design were brought in to design, supply and install all the new counters for High Mood Food’s new Duke Street store!  This exciting project included the use of Himalayan Salt Bricks which were incorporated into the shelving units and counter frontages.  Along with the main servery counters, we built shelving units around salt brick ‘feature areas’ and supported the shelving with unique copper piping.  The feel needed to be ‘light and airy’ and with a narrow space to work with we had to ensure all the shelving and fridges were kept to a minimum depth.  At the rear of the shop we also designed and installed a beautiful banquette seating area which is light, welcoming and comfortable to enjoy lunch in.