Kingsley Village, Cornwall, will provide a wonderful day out for everyone, with unique shopping from fashion and gifts to local artisan food and drink, plus an excellent restaurant serving meals, snacks and treats from breakfast to afternoon tea. Based within Kingsley Village is the The Kingsley Village Food Hall, which is guaranteed to tempt you away from the supermarket.

Everything you need is there, from seasonal vegetables, the freshest fish landed just down the road at Newlyn, meats from the county, freshly baked bread and wonderful local cheeses to store cupboard essentials, beers and wine and delicious ready meals created with the finest ingredients.

What we did…

Smiths Retail Design designed and installed: Custom Built: L Shaped Back Bar, Fresh Meats Counter, Back Bar Fittings, Cheese Counter, Bakery Counter, Cooked Meats Counter, Kidney Shaped Fish Display, Refrigerated Cupboards, Prep Tables, Mobile Butchers Block, Mobile Prep Table, Packaged Raw Meat Island, Packaged Cured Fish Island, Dairy Island Display, Dairy Multi deck, Carcass Display, Multideck, along with extras such as Bread Shelves etc..

Smiths Retail Design are much more than just suppliers of counters, we get involved in the planning and design of the whole project. Our CAD and 3D design knowledge can put 2D layouts and visuals together, accurately portraying a completed refit of counters. Don’t invest in a counter or shop refit until you have seen one of our installations or arranged for a no obligation consultation. If you require any further information, or indeed if a meeting would prove beneficial to you, then please feel free to contact us