Philip Warren & Son is a farm shop in Launceston which has been established for over 100 years and they continue the great tradition of being farmer / butcher, enabling you to buy “farm direct meats”, a system that has been practiced in Cornwall for generations.

They supply fully traceable true cornish meats. Their beef is raised on the wonderful grasslands that surround Bodmin Moor.

Natural meat, traditionally hung on the bone, is then butchered by three cornish professionals who know the difference between naturally raised beef and modern ‘organic’ beef that sounds great, but often lacks taste. Philip Warren & Son use mainly British Native Breeds, such as Red Ruby, Hereford, Galloway, South Devon, Highland and Angus, that thrive on the margins of moorland and live on a predominantly grass diet. This produces the finest, most natural, beef.
They are also the Rare Breeds Survival Trust butchers for the area, and therefore they are able to sell wonderful tasting pork and beef from many of the old breeds.

What we did…

Smiths Retail Design installed: L Shaped Corner Unit, Fresh Meats Counter, Meat Hanging Multideck, L Shaped Window Bed, ¼ Circle Window Bed, Multideck, Refrigerated Cupboards and a unique contact cooled Refrigerated Shelf.

Smiths Retail Design are much more than just suppliers of counters, we get involved in the planning and design of the whole project. Our CAD and 3D design knowledge can put 2D layouts and visuals together, accurately portraying a completed refit of counters. Don’t invest in a counter or shop refit until you have seen one of our installations or arranged for a no obligation consultation. If you require any further information, or indeed if a meeting would prove beneficial to you, then please feel free to contact us